I’m Stephen Graham

Pleased to make your acquaintance! I’m a freelance graphic & web designer and photographer in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I discovered a passion for art and design when I was in elementary school and have always been inspired by visually creative work. After graduating from a small private school in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas, I felt the need to see the world. Six years, three Atlantic crossings, two Equator crossings and 22 countries later I would look back and wonder how that experience would play a role in my lifelong desire to work in a creative field. Settling in Fredericksburg in 1999 to take a commuting job near D.C. as a micro-electronics engineer played an important role in my motivation to study graphic design and later leave my technical career behind. I fell in love with Fredericksburg, it’s rich history, old town lifestyle and blooming art scene. Today, I live and work in downtown Fredericksburg, following the passion for art and design that I’ve carried with me most of my life.

Me in bullets

  • Born & raised in Little Rock, Ar
  • 35 years old
  • 6 years in the US Navy
  • Studied photography at Corcoran College of Art + Design
  • 12 years in Graphic & Interactive Design
  • Love independent films & music
  • Enjoy fine art photography & mixed media art projects
  • Accident prone

As a Project Manager

Having spent the past decade taking client’s messages from an idea to a campaign, I’ve collected innumerable production resources and partnered with incredibly talented people from every genre of art and design. While I believe it’s true that limitations and boundaries are the foundation of creative thinking,  limited resources and skills can prevent that thinking from becoming a successful project. Working with hand-picked resources and fire-tested people on a team built to suit your project guarantees success – every time.

As a Designer & Developer

Two words that don’t often have an ampersand between them. Having a great sense of design paired with a good knowledge of what’s feasible on the production end gives a balance to the creative process that generates ‘doable’ ideas. Without the cooperation of these two sides of the creative process your campaign is as likely to take flight as this thing.

As a Producer & Photographer

I spend a considerable amount of free time doing fine art photography and I enjoy being able to use that background to support my clients projects. It saves you money by not having to hire another person or pay for stock photography licenses and it makes the design process easier because you have a photographer who shares in the creative vision. Although I don’t have a background in studio production audio, I do enjoy the recording and editing process and have done audio work for a number of clients to support their campaigns and podcasts.

Don’t be a stranger!

Stay connected & keep in touch. If something especially nice happens to you or your business let me know. I would love to hear about ways you’ve used your designs and how they’ve helped you grow!

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